Another star heroine on the way to Nayan?

Promotion of stars is crucial for the success of a film. This will help to increase the hype before the release and bring the masses to the theaters. But some neighboring language heroines are staying away from publicity while starring in Tollywood. It is known that the filmmakers are already serious about this. The guru is at least not cooperating with the campaign, collecting bribes worth crores of rupees.

However, a star heroine like Nayantara .. rudely says that she will not campaign under the contract. If so sign up. But there is no rule that everyone should be sick. It’s hard if other heroines go for drugs like that. For producers with a budget of crores of rupees, if the promotion is not done properly or failed, its impact on the industry will be severe.

Shruti Haasan’s absence from the ‘Crack’ promotion, which was recently released as a wallpaper gift, has caused a stir. The tune of receiving a huge reward did not come to the campaign because. If the protagonist Ravi Teja is cooperating with the other team’s campaign .. why is he pretending? Is being questioned. Crack did not appear at the pre-release event. Not giving at least video interviews has come up for discussion. Does Shruti also follow Nayan with this? Doubts were raised. Choosing not to attend promotions may be part of the deal. Otherwise they may have advance commitments. But taking the light at such a crucial time is a nonsensical affair.

Is it right to be so strict? That question is in front of Shruti. The range of the harmonic character in the crack may be small. However his character range is larger in the first half compared to the second half. Characters who have a hundred percent romance with the hero, however, have no rule to promote. Promotion with the heroine is also crucial in the wake of Crack getting a good talk. But Shruti’s avoidance of it has been the talk of the town. What if Power Star Pawan Kalyan also signed a similar tune for the film? Did the lawyer say in advance that Saab would not even come to the campaign? Will the lawyer Saab campaign, which is set to release this summer, be in tune? Radha? That came up for discussion.

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