Chaitanya loves movies: Mega Daughter

After earning stardom as a Tollywood megastar, Chiranjeevi made his entry as a hero with many movies from Mega Family. Shine as star heroes right now and prove their power. Megapower star Ramcharan and stylish star Allu Arjun are in the forefront of such people. Because they have a special identity like theirs. Needless to say about power star Pawan Kalyan.

Pawan Kalyan is doing his part not only in movies but also in politics. After the political break, he will make an entry in the movies again with Lawyer Saab. Also Megamenals Sayidharam Tej has already proven to be a hero. This year too his younger brother Vaishnav Tej made his entry as a hero with the film Uppena.

Megabrother son Varun Tej is slowly gaining recognition with a series of films. Also, megastar’s son Kalyan Dev is currently testing his luck in movies. Meanwhile .. Mega Daughter Nebula entered the film industry and got married shortly after. However, rumors have gone viral that Niharika will be making an entry in movies as a hero after marrying her husband Chaitanya Jonnalagadda.

Some of the articles in it were written as the first project began. But the nebula made it clear that not everything was true. She says .. Chaitanya loves movies. But he was not interested in acting until he saw it. There is no truth in the news that he will be an actor soon. Niharika is currently starring in a web series.

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