Gubulu in pink saree … sleeveless blouse .. actress in traditional saree bandage

Red is the latest movie starring energetic star Ram as the protagonist. Pethuraj-Malavika Sharma heroines reported. Kishore Thirumala is the director. The film was produced by Sravanti Ravikishore. The film, starring Ram in a double role, will be released on January 14 as a wallpaper gift worldwide, including in the Telugu states.

The film crew splashed at the latest pre-release event. The two heroines were a special attraction on this stage. Information that Bhamans were seen in red designer dress .. Malavika rose in pink saree. Sleeveless blouse .. Traditional sari bundle Beauty Padindalaindini sold.

Malavikane has been a highlight in Red promotions from the beginning. Now the heart is plundered with a pink sari. The Red Blockbuster is sure to get a series of offers for this sale. Malavika, who earlier starred in the disaster film `Month Ticket ‘, has been looking forward to a big range career in Tollywood ever since. After the success of the blockbuster ‘Ala Vaikunthapuram’, he is already busy in his career in Tollywood.

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