Hero Ram Clarity on Bollywood Entry!

Growing up as a Pan India star is every hero’s dream. Not limited to his industry .. Everyone wants to introduce himself to the whole country and become a national star. Tollywood energetic hero Ram reacted on the same thing. Clarity on Bollywood entry.

Ram is currently busy promoting his latest film ‘Red’. The film is set to release on January 14. The film is being released in seven languages. Ram’s past films have not been released in many languages. With this naturally came a vision.

However, many stars in the South are trying to grow into a pan-Indian star. Most of the films being made in Tollywood are being screened with the Pan India audience in mind. When asked by Hero Ram about his Bollywood entry in this sequence, he responded as follows.

Ram said that he is releasing his ‘Red’ movie in seven languages ​​only to expand his market across India. The energetic hero said that he is not interested in making straight Hindi movies at the moment.

It is not clear how Ram’s next film will be in Telugu. Ram who has heard so many stories so far .. nothing has been finalized. It is not clear who the director-producer is. Though the talk came that he will be doing a film with Trivikram, no one has confirmed.

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