Is there a need for such a beauty pageant on social media? : Netizens

‘Anasuya ..’ This sales name will be at the top if the list of hot and beauty anchors is taken out on TV. Anu entertains the audience with soft words .. Ora glances naughty laughter engages the fans. He continues to share his hot pics on social media.

Latest .. Anasuya shared one of her sorry photos. It looked a bit bold. Anything else? The work fell into the hands of netizens. Some people say ‘Anasuya you are super’ .. Others are commenting ‘Your waist is beautiful ..’ Others crossing the line say, “You look sexy in this saree.” Some people respond negatively. Need a similar beauty pageant on social media? Are being benevolent. All in all that pick went viral with this discussion.

When it comes to Anasuya movies .. she is doing another movie in the lead role. She is acting pregnant in the upcoming movie ‘Thankyou Brother’. The film, which has already completed shooting, will be released soon. However, it is reported that Chiranjeevi also gave a chance to Anasuya in ‘Acharya’. It seems that Zabardast Anchor will also be seen in the upcoming movie ‘Khiladi’ directed by Ramesh Verma as Ravi Teja’s hero.

Anasuya will play a different role in Allu Arjun’s ‘Pushpa’. Along with this film, Anasuya is also doing a crazy role in Krishnavanshi’s ambitiously screened ‘Ranga Marthanda’. Prakash Raj is playing the lead role of Ramya Krishna in this movie which is coming as a remake of the Marathi movie ‘Natasamrat’. Anasuya is playing the role of Devadasi in this movie.

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