Katrina Dance Video Going Viral .. !!

Bollywood star heroine Katrina Kaif .. is currently impressing the tribe with her dance video on social media. Putting the Katrina dance video muted on Instagram as a platform is surprising. No need to tell anyone specifically about Katrina Dance anymore. Because she has already put Kamli songs in the movie Chikni Chameli Dhoom 3 from the movie Agneepath to prove Katrina’s dance talent. However, Katrina fans have been missing her dance for a long time. However, it can be said that the seller has recently posted a video and is a bit shaken up. However why the song was put on mute is leading to debate. But according to Film Nagar, Katrina is currently practicing dance to a song in the movie ‘Phone Booth’. The new movie song is so muted that it would not be good if it leaked.

Meanwhile, Suryavanshi, currently starring Katrina, will be released soon. Also information that another movie will be preparing for the shooting by doing a workout for the phone booth. Meanwhile .. Katrina is also familiar to the Telugu audience. Mallishwari Allari Pidugu has made films in Telugu. This bhama never looked back towards Tollywood again after that. The Katrina video, which has nearly four and a half crore followers on social media, is currently going viral. This star beauty has recently completed the shooting of Suryavanshi movie opposite Akshay Kumar. Dressed in black athletic grooves and dancing is circulating on social media. Recently, this bhama got the chance to act opposite Tamil star actor Vijay Sethupathi. Andadhun fame Sriram Raghavan will direct the film.

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