Sensational allegations of gang-rape on Bollywood actress model

Bollywood actress Gehana Vashisht alias Vandana Tiwari has been accused of sensationalism by an actress. At the instigation of Gehana, the popular actress alleged that three of her staff members had gang-raped her. The news is currently causing a stir. Gehna is already known to have been arrested on charges of shooting porn videos. Police have recently registered another case against her for allegedly instigating gang rape.

Model Gehana Vashisht .. has gained good popularity with the web series ‘Gandhi Bath’. Since then she has also served as an anchor for the 2015 Cricket World Cup and gained more recognition. With this craze she appeared in a special song in the Tamil film ‘Peel Jakirathai’. Thus the topic of porn videos on Gehana bursting around.

Gehana was arrested by police on charges of filming and uploading pornographic videos on YouTube. Police found that about 87 videos had been uploaded. She is currently in police custody. However, while the case was being investigated, she was accused of being a gang rape mastermind. The popular actress accused three assistants of Gehana of kidnapping her and gang-raping her. He also lodged a complaint with the police. With this .. another case was registered against Gehana.

However, Gehana Vashisht’s lawyer denied the allegations. He said all the allegations against his client were untrue. The lawyer who said that it was a lie that she acted in porn videos .. said that the gang rape allegations were also fabricated. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Gehana.

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