sruthi like unsold grapefruit in a stylish mini black frock

Star heroine Shruti Haasan has become the busiest heroine with a series of movies right now. Because there was only one movie in the hands of this seller before the Crack movie. But when the crack became a blockbuster at the box office .. Shruti has been queuing up for a series of offers ever since. He is currently starring opposite Pan India star Prabhas Vijay Sethupathi in profit and Salar films. Also, he will soon appear on OTT with a web series called Telugu Fables produced by Netflix. Shruti seems to have played the role of a bold lesbian for the first time in a narrative web series. Shruti is all set to return to his career.

Meanwhile .. there is another angle in the tone. Same glamor show angle. While the movies may be a bit behind, the beauty of these sales is waiting for the actual delay. From time to time all the hidden beauties on social media are feasting on the fans one by one. Shruti knows how to use social media. That’s why she recently posted a glamorous picture on Instagram. In that photo the whole of the harmony is distorted from top to bottom into black combinations. The stylish mini black frock looks like an unsold grapefruit. This photo is currently going viral on social media. On the whole, Shruti’s desire to act opposite Darling Prabhas is being fulfilled with Salar. Want to see how Solar Beauty Magic is going to be!

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